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To be the premier Black and Latino Policy Institute and alike institutes internationally.

Mission Statement

The Black and Latino Policy Institute is a public policy research organization that identifies, investigates, and promotes solutions to issues affecting Black and Latino communities.


In 2006, The Black & Latino Policy Institute was established to bridge gaps found in public policy. The goal of the organization is to provide valuable, credible, and well-researched information so that legislatures, policy makers and others can make informed decisions. Jose Evans, former Executive Director of Indiana’s Commission on the Social Status of Black Males, decided that Indiana, the United States and the world desperately needed an organization that would not be limited by personal agendas, political campaigns, or other controlling entities. Individuals deserve to know the truth about our educational systems, access to courts, and all other social issues. Jenny Sarabia, former Executive Director of Indiana Commission on Hispanic/Latino Affairs, agreed to partner with Jose to identify and expose problems faced by the Latino community aiding to better understand diversity. John Loflin and Tysha Harding Sellers are co-founders of the organization.